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Vancouver Island Rail Studies

Here is a list of links to the many studies, reports, and in-depth articles that have been published on Island Rail.

All BC Government Studies on Island Rail

Westshore Commuter Rail Report

​​BC Government South Island Transportation Strategy

The Strategy was/is being developed in multiple stages to highlight the transportation systems for all modes and challenges facing the South Vancouver Island area. Subsequent stages of the process are designed to examine possible strategies and improvement options to serve inter-regional travel and support Indigenous, local, and provincial priorities.

September 2020 - South Island Transportation Strategy, Technical Report Number 1

September 2020 - South Island Transportation Strategy, Technical Report Number 2 (Final)


Transport Action Canada Assessment

The Transport Action Canada Assessment of the South Island Transportation study is a valuable resource to read. One reason it notes for the high price tag assessed by MOTI is that MoTI has a policy that requires adding a 50% contingency to all infrastructure cost estimates. This artificially raises the cost estimates far above the number quoted by many rail infrastructure companies.

May 2020 - Vancouver Island Railway Assessment

Island Rail Corridor Condition Assessment

The British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MoTI) engaged WSP Canada Group Ltd. (WSP) to conduct a detailed evaluation of the base asset condition of the Island Rail Corridor on Vancouver Island. The assessment scope included the entire length of the rail corridor, Victoria to Courtney (Victoria Subdivision), Parksville to Port Alberni (Port Alberni Subdivision), the Wellcox Spur, and Wellcox Yard. The assessment of the corridor covered railway infrastructure, grade crossings, bridges, and rockfall activity.

April 2020 - Island Rail Corridor Condition Assessment, Summary Report

March 2020 - Appendix A Track Condition Assessment (PDF, 4.8 MB)

November 2019 - Appendix B Crossing Condition Assessment Report (PDF, 2.3 MB)

March 2020 - Appendix C Bridge Condition Assessment Report (PDF, 128 MB)

December 2019 - Appendix D Rockfall Assessment Memo (PDF, 9 MB)

March 2019 - Appendix E Seismic Considerations Memo (PDF, 295 KB)

April 2020 - Appendix F Commuter Rail Assessment Report (PDF, 62 MB)

November 2019 - Appendix F1 Rolling Stock Assessment Memo (PDF, 212 KB)

March 2020 - Appendix F2 Commuter Memo (PDF, 58 MB)

(Undated) 2020 - Appendix G Cost Estimate (PDF, 315 KB)

March 2020 - Appendix I Electrification Memo (PDF, 393 KB)

BC Government Ministry of Transportation Infrastructure (MOTI) News Release

Province announces to review options for commuter train services in the CRD.

March 2017 - Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, News Release

Prominent Developer Bayview Wants Commuter Rail Service Up and Running Now

A published plan that prominent developer Ken Mariash, owner of Focus Equities and Bayview, has proposed after meeting with key stakeholders in the region such as the various CRD mayors. It should be further noted that all thirteen Capital Regional District (CRD) mayors have also urged immediate action on commuter rail service.

March 2017 - Developer wants Commuter Rail Service, News Article

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