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Rail Action Committee

The Rail Action Committee (RAC) is an 8-member sub-committee of the Vancouver Island Transportation Corridor Coalition (VITCC) apart from the general membership and executive. The RAC is comprised of an elite group of individuals including retired rail industry professionals with some having held senior management positions at large rail corporations, along with a few former politicians. This team is tasked with responsibilities directly associated with the research and data acquisition of private companies and external transportation organizations interest in the return of specifically freight-rail service to Vancouver Island; passenger-rail service being a byproduct of the former revenue producer. The RAC has distributed surveys directly to and aligned with a number of key businesses and organizations along the Island Rail Corridor that would benefit greatly from the return of island freight-rail service. The data acquired shows overwhelmingly that these companies and organizations directly support the return of freight-rail service along the former E&N Rail Line and are open to further discussion from the RAC and interested parties to assist in any capacity moving forward to make this a reality. The cost savings and environmental benefits of freight by rail versus by road are too great to ignore.

Our Mandate

  1. To facilitate restoration, revitalization, and enhancement of all rail infrastructure on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, as the core infrastructure of a future transportation system to move people (public and tourists alike), and enhance intermodal operations in support of rail-freight services;

  2. to foster a broad coalition of partners, including both government and non-government groups, who will aid in achieving these purposes;

  3. to ensure such projects are undertaken in an environmentally friendly and socially beneficial manner, with a goal of reducing greenhouse gases; 

  4. to develop broad public and political support; and

  5. to promote integration with ALL other forms of transportation; on and off the island, including ferries and airports.

Online Survey

Are you an industrial business or party adjacent to the existing Island Rail Corridor and interested in the return of freight-rail service that your business operation could benefit from? Please take our quick online survey below and feel free to share this survey with other businesses you know that may also benefit from freight-rail service along the corridor!

  • For a sharable link, please use:

Interested in aligning with or contacting the RAC?

  • To contact the RAC directly, you're welcome to email us at

We welcome the support of all interested stakeholders in coming ‘On Board’!

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