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Want to See Regional Rail Done Correctly?

Imagine how much better your life would be if this was your experience commuting or traveling on the Island.

Imagine theres no traffic jams, you can use a computer or cell phone, imagine you can eat/drink while commuting and you get to your destination in half the time (or less). So why is the BC Government ignoring a perfectly good rail corridor that is earmarked to be used by the people, for the people of Vancouver Island? It is simple. They favour increased reliance on fossil fuel powered automobiles because of the tax base it creates.

The video below shows a relaxing commute in the North San Diego Country, California, USA. January, 2014. Most people would find this more enjoyable than sitting in bumper to bumper traffic. Now consider the fact the trip takes one third of the time it would take to drive the same distance!

We all pay the CO2 tax and our elected officials are not using that money to actually reduce GHGs, a fact that MUST BE CHANGED! Islanders have paid many times over for the costs of emissions free rail service, running modern equipment several times per hour yet the CO2 tax revenues seem to be going elsewhere.

Time to stop this insanity and do something. Join the cause today!

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