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Express Buses are NOT the Answer to Inter-Regional Transit

The following article was posted on an aligned group (South Fraser Community Rail) website.

The article concludes (quite correctly) that Express Buses is not the best Inter-regional transit solution. They can be part of an overall solution if properly integrated however, rail must be the backbone of such systems. The approach of building more highway lanes will not work on Vancouver Island any more than it will on the mainland. Just as Mayors, Councillors, MLAs and MPs past and present have promised Highway widening to their constituents, they have implemented the Express Bus on Highway #1, as if what they propose is a viable transit solution for the entire Fraser Valley.

Unfortunately, as common sense will tell you, the Express Bus gets caught up in the same daily congestion as everyone else. Building a dedicated bus lane is very expensive compared to using existing rail infrastructure. Consider the environmental impacts of each form of transit. The chart below (courtesy of our allies from the United States Federal Transit Administration) represents diesel powered trains vs. other common forms of transport. The rail options can literally be shrunk to almost zero if electricity is used form clean renewable resources. Rail is by far the clear winner.

Building more roads will not solve Vancouver Island's transportation problems in the future. Modern and efficient rail service can solve those problems, yet the approach must integrate other forms of transit (bus, park and ride, cycling etc). The time is now to take action. Join the cause!

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