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The Vancouver Island Transportation Corridor Coalition Society ("VITCC") is incorporated under the laws of the Province of British Columbia on June 24, 2020. The society is a nonprofit group and is seeking a charitable donation tax status with the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA).

The VITCC has five directors and further information can be provided by contacting:


The VITCC has the following mandate set forth in its charter:

  1. To facilitate restoration, revitalization, and enhancement of all rail infrastructure on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, as the core infrastructure of a future transportation system to move people and freight; and

  2. to foster a broad coalition of partners, including both government and non-government groups, who will aid in achieving these purposes; and

  3. to ensure such projects are undertaken in an environmentally friendly and socially beneficial manner, with a goal of reducing greenhouse gases; and

  4. to develop broad public and political support; and

  5. to promote integration with ALL other forms of transportation; and (f) to potentially secure funding from public and private sources.

This society is a member-funded society. It is funded primarily by its members to carry on activities for the benefit of its members. On its liquidation or dissolution, this society may distribute its money and other property to its members.


The VITCC has adopted a formal policy on member conduct and discipline-specific to anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies. The society believes that all peoples of our world are equal and no one should be the subject of ridicule, racism, discrimination, or harassment. The policy may be viewed here.

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