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About Donations to the VITCC

When you donate, you’re supporting a coalition devoted to keeping climate stable for future generations, bettering the lives of all Island residents, helping push for more cycling/pedestrian trails, and building Vancouver Island's future transportation infrastructure.


Your donations support the VITCC. We are funded by people and not the government. Our independence means we can speak the truth and hold our various government agencies and others accountable for their continued investment into fossil fuel infrastructure and lack of mandated action to use our CO2 tax revenues to bring low emission, modern rail service to Vancouver Island to move people and freight.


Your generous donation helps us push for the "TRIPLE NET" bottom line - Economic (massive stimulus), Social (better transportation choices), and Environmental (huge GHG reductions). Support our vital work by donating today!

Donate by e-Transfer (email)

Simply send an email to and let us know how much you wish to donate. Consider a monthly donation as this helps us plan our future more reliably.


We will reply with an electronic invoice and you can use this email to e-Transfer funds into our account.

Donate by Regular Mail

Simply send us a cheque with the name of the person making the donation. Cheques can be made payable to the Vancouver Island Transportation Corridor Coalition or just VITCC.


The mailing address for the cheque is:



P.O. Box 33074

Colwood, BC

V9B 6K3, Canada 


Note: The VITCC is a society formed under the laws of the Province of British Columbia for the purposes of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), we are not capable of providing tax-deductible donation receipts at this time.

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