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Anti-Harassment Policy

DOWNLOAD: VITCC-Anti-Harassment-Policy.pdf


Dear all VITCC members


We have adopted an Anti-harassment and Anti-discrimination policy.


It is mandatory that all language and conversations that take place in all VITCC forums are done so with the utmost respect. This is important to protect all members of our society and all people we conduct business with as we move forward in our goal to bring modern and efficient rail service to the Island Rail Corridor on Vancouver Island. We are all on the same team and it is encouraged and expected that all members abide by the policies that prevent such behaviour.


As president, I am committed to fostering an environment of mutual respect, both internally and externally. I am also bound to uphold our bylaws and adopted policies, most specifically the anti-harassment policy located at the bottom of this letter. This allows members to participate without fear or feeling uncomfortable from others. We are inclusive of all.


If any member is found to be in violation of these VITCC policies, their posting privileges will be immediately subjected to moderation (or revoked) until such time it is deemed appropriate to reinstate them. They may be lifted at a future date, however, I urge each member (or potential member) to comply with our official anti-harassment policy. If any member continues to violate the policies, then action will be taken as deemed fit by members of the executive, which could include a temporary ban or termination of membership. Please take a few minutes to review this and ensure that you are all in compliance with the intent and spirit of this document. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact myself or any of the executive board.


Thank you for your support and understanding.



Aaron Lypkie

Vice President, VITCC

Vancouver Island Transportation Corridor Coalition

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