The Society

We are a society duly incorporated under the laws of the Province of British Columbia. Please refer to the legal section in the footer of this site for more information. As an active society, we accept new members who wish to join the fight for Island Rail and the future of Vancouver Island.

We are not a lobby group or a registered charity at this time.


Our Purpose

The Vancouver Island Transportation Corridor Coalition is focused on its stated mandate:

  1. To facilitate restoration, revitalization, and enhancement of all rail infrastructure on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, as the core infrastructure of a future transportation system to move people and freight; and

  2. to foster a broad coalition of partners, including both government and non-government groups, who will aid in achieving these purposes; and

  3. to ensure such projects are undertaken in an environmentally friendly and socially beneficial manner, with a goal of reducing greenhouse gases; and

  4. to develop broad public and political support; and

  5. to promote integration with ALL other forms of transportation; and

  6. to potentially secure funding from public and private sources.

Our position is that Vancouver Island cannot sustain itself without key infrastructure and that plight is being ignored. Every year traffic grows worse as more people move to our island and the current approach of building more roads only leads to more GHG emissions. Vancouver Island needs a better long-term transportation strategy.

We are also fighting disinformation spread by those who wish to take the corridor away from the people of Vancouver Island and turn it into a single-use corridor for a very small group of people. The Island Corridor Foundation (ICF), composed of stakeholders including the First Nations bands upon whose un-ceded ancestral territory the corridor is built, are the rightful owners of the asset. Furthermore, these groups envision the corridor as meant to be a shared asset for all people on the Island. We support bike and pedestrian trails alongside the rail corridor but do not support the self-interest groups who wish to take the corridor away from First Nations and Island Residents to turn it into a cycling-only corridor. We support both, not one at the exclusion of the other. A choice between the two need not be made, they can coexist.

Our Work


The 2021 Vancouver Island Holiday Toy Train


In 2019, the ICF hastily arranged a Holiday Train to provide a visit with Santa and gifts for children. Due to Covid-19, planned repeat events were canceled. In 2021, the VITCC hopes to help the ICF collect resources and arrange a larger Christmas train and event, subject to pandemic-related restrictions.


(Photo credit: G. Migneault)

We need volunteers, decorators, Santa's helpers (elf costumes a bonus!), and most of all, donations of new toys or cash. The event aims to give back to the community for all the support we have received.


If you are interested in helping (in ANY capacity, even dialing for gifts), please email:


Working Hard To Build A Coalition

We need to hear from ordinary citizens on Vancouver Island. We need ideas, we need political action. Please consider joining us in our efforts to make this vision of Island Rail a reality.


Let's face it, the Dayliner was a pared-down, last-ditch effort to keep a Victorian-era commitment from Robert Dunsmuir to maintain rail service for Island residents. It was almost useless for the majority of us and ultimately ran in the wrong direction. Vancouver Island residents need modern, efficient, and regularly scheduled rail service for the benefit of ALL Island residents in every community along the corridor.


Rail can move people and goods much more efficiently than vehicles. Commuter rail between the Westhills area and downtown Victoria alone could take tens of thousands of cars off the road, ensuring our highways also remain viable transportation options. All major cities worldwide eventually have had to adopt rail. The costs of retrofitting rail into an existing city is VERY expensive, as Vancouver recently found out. We already have an uninterrupted and continuous nearly 300km corridor already intact! This piece of land is an Island asset we cannot afford to lose or replace. It exists, let's use it!


Victoria is blessed to have not one, but two existing rail right-of-ways. One is and shall remain a human corridor for people. The former E&N (now officially named the "Island Rail Corridor") has already been transformed into a hybrid system with over 100 kilometers of parallel rails-with-trails to facilitate the integration of other forms of transportation.


VITCC envisions an outcome with rail as the backbone of a system that integrates with ALL other forms of transportation. Rail, cycling, buses, taxis, airports, and ferries are just a few of the interlinked transportation options that can integrate and work together as a functional transportation network.